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Desert Jool Farms is Committed to being your Date Palm Partner in Assuring that Your Project is a Success.  We will Not Be Undersold on Price for Like Kind Quality & Will be there for each step of the Project to from Beginning to Completion.  Whether you are a Contractor installing the Palms for a Client,  a Homeowner doing the Project yourself or Hiring Us to install them,  You can Count on Desert Jool Farms to Always be your Partner in Success. 

Zahidi Date Palm Installation (Diamond Cut)

Zahidi Date Palm Installation (Diamond Cut)

Medjool Date Palms on Farm

Date Palms (Phoenix Dactylifera)

Deglet Noor on Farm

Medjool Date Palms

Medjool Date Palms Shipped to Florida

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We are selling our TOP Quality California, Mexican & Hybrid  Fan Palms at the Industry's Lowest Prices Period. All of our Palms are well cared for and Beautiful. The only reason that we are Lowering our prices so much, is that we have so many of of them. The prices will inevitably go back up, so now is the opportunity to save a lot on all Sizes & Quantities of our Grade A Washingtonias. We are Certified to Ship anywhere in the U S & Internationally. Please Contact us for Pricing. Due to the different types of Buyers and Projects, we cannot post the pricing here. Thank you...

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