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Our family has specialized in growing palms since the 1970's and has been responsible for supplying top quality Palm Trees and Dates ever since. We are California Desert Growers specializing in Phoenix Dactylifera Date Palms and Washingtonia species. We market and ship our Palms nationally, including California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana and Florida. We can handle all of the logistics of getting your order wherever and whenever you need it. In addition, we can arrange for international shipments if requested.


Palm Tree Nursery

Our goal is to Grow a Variety of Popular Palm Trees suited for the Southwest Deserts,  California Coastal Areas,  Gulf Coast and Florida.  We have streamlined our Inventory so that we can Focus on being the Landscape Professional's  Best Option for these items.  Our Main Nursery Products are (Phoenix Dactylifera) Date Palms and Washingtonia Species,  although we do grow several other Genus of Palms.


Date Fruit

Desert Jool Farms Grows and Packs Medjool,  Khalal Barhi,  Honey,  Deglet Noor and Brunette Dates for the Retail Consumer.  We can also do Custom or Standard Packing for Wholesale Buyers.  In addition,  we Grow Deglet Noor and Zahidi Dates for the Wholesale Packing and Date Product Market.




Desert Jool Farms, Inc.

Supplying The Professional Landscape Industry & Homeowners with High Quality Palm Trees for Decades and Date Lovers Around the World with Legendary California Desert Grown Dates!